Sunday, March 20, 2011


Do you believe my friend Pastor Joe had a heart attack right in-front of me! Yes that cracker ruined my date with some chic I was supposed to hook up with later that night. Instead I had to rush his ass to the hospital and babysit his ass for the last month. We didn't know that he experienced a mild heart attack until we got to the hospital and got him checked out.

I was off that night and I was at my apartment getting pimped up to go out when Pastor Joe took a break and stopped by to chill a little bit because he wasn't feeling well. The minute I saw him I knew something was wrong, he looked weak and so pale I thought Maryiln Manson was at my door. He kept complaining of having a heartburn and refused to go to the hospital but when he started to sweat like crazy, I grabbed his ass and drove him to George Washington Hospital emergency room.

I thought when you have a heart attack you supposed to have a sharp pain at the chest, you moan and you drop to the floor. Pastor didn't have any of that shit and I was surprised when the doctors came out and told me what happened. All that greasy crap that you ate finally paid off motherfucker! Don't worry he will be fine, he just need to adjust to some lifestyle changes and he will be alright. He is way too young to check out but I hope this will be a wake-up call to all of you motherfuckers who eat shit and don't exercise at all.

Sorry for not posting for the last four weeks, I was busy being a nurse to the Pastor because his white trash friends were nowhere to be found. Pastor Joe, next time you have a heart attack please make sure it's in the month of August when the cab business is very slow bitch!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


june in florida said...

Glad he stopped by and you knew what to do.Hope you feel better soon Pastor.

John said...

Wow it looks like Pastor Joe nearly met St.Patrick!
You will have to buy a white coat.
Dr.Mad MD

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Pastor Joe is doing better.

You have returned, Mad Cabbie, to: MEDALLIONS! Thomas introduced the legislation on the Fifteenth; Barry and Michael Brown signed on as co-sponsors. If you go to the City Council's website, go to 'New Legislation' then click on the first bill that Thomas introduced on 15 March, you will see it.

They are going to issue only four thousand medallions. If you are a D.C. Resident, can come up with five years' worth of tax returns and do not owe the gubbamint anything, you get yours first. Then come the Corporations. If there are any left, the suburban residents can try.

The initial cost of the class 1 unrestricted medallion is five thousand bananas for individual, ten for corporations. If you have been out here thirty years or better and are a District resident, you pay five hundred; twenty to thirty years, one-thousand. A suburban resident with twenty years or better pays four thousand, if he even gets a shot at one. There are restricted classes and classes for Low Emission Vehicles and wheelchair accessible that pay less money and have priority in line.

There is also a 'Class 5' medallion, that appears to be for the suburban residents, but it can not be transferred and its other characteristics are vague. The DCTC will determine the price and other things about it.

Bottom line: Individual D.C. residents are first in line regardless of the vehicle. They go in order of seniority, but of the approximately eight thousand active faces out there, there are probably two thousand that claim City residence and only half of those actually are and actually pay income tax to D.C. When you take out for the renters and those who never filed taxes, there are probably eight hundred who will get medallions.

You suburban residents do not need to try getting a D.C. address and try to pay 'back taxes'; the Hack Office is aware of the address that you gave them and will disallow your stunt. A few might get away with it, but most will get caught.

They are going to abolish the DCTC and replace it with a three member Hack Board.

Mad Cabbie said...

Hi June, I am glad he came by to see me, his other buddies would have taken him to the liquor store instead of the ER!

John I like that, Dr Mad Cabbie!

Phil I am on top of that issue, and stay tuned for a very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

What are the DC councelors trying to prove? They cut the income of the cabbies by over 35% and the mostly first generation American Cabbies started working 17 hours instead of the 12 they used to work per day to make up the differencence, now they want to take their livelihood? My big question is why? Do they ask the DC fire fighters and all other civil servants to live within DC? Or is this directed only to the first generation Americans who are Cab drivers? And if so why?


John said...

It seems bad, 200 a year for 10 years perhaps but 5,000 at once?
But there is no cap at all on taxi numbers here. It stands between 14 K and 16 K depending on who is talking, on a par with New York.

Anonymous said...

There will be a cap. Four thousand of classes one through four plus however many class fives the Northern Virginia and the PG/Montgomery Congressional delegations succeed in making them issue.

They will let the numbers fall by attrition of the class fives, as they can not be sold or traded.

Everyone will be labouring under an age limit. The private holders of the class one through fours will be able to put up the medallion as collateral to buy a new car every six years. As the class five can not be sold or traded, it has no value, thus the holder can not use it as collateral. As many banks/finance companies will not finance a vehicle to be used as a taxicab if the vehicle is used as collateral, many of the suburban residents will be forced out that way.

There may be some who can tap into a home equity line of credit, or some may form Associations similar to Building and Loans, only a few will be able to survive that way. Most will have to become renters of eight hour shift cabs at one-hundred per shift.

The six year age limit will be hard on us private holders who survive, as it will keep us in perpetual debt. We will have one or two years after the car is paid off and we will have to go through the process again.

I will grant the following points:

1. Having a newer car does keep you out of the shop. Personal experience confirms this. I bought my last two vehicles when they were one year old with twenty thousand miles. I have paid far less for repairs on them than on older vehicles in the past.

2. It is better to pay a car note than a mechanic bill. I am one of the few hackers that does not lose twice when he must go to the mechanic. As I am part time, the car goes to the mechanic when I am on the microphone. As I keep on top of the vehicle condition, I get the car to the mechanic when I see a problem's coming. Thus I have few on the road breakdowns.

Still, eight years would be better for the private owner. Six years on a rental cab might be too long. Arlington has a six year limit. After three years, the rental cabs out there turn into hoopties. The companies out there double shift the cars. The companies here will triple shift them, which will turn them into real hoopties after three years.

Red said...

MC, You act like such a tough guy but some of us know what a softie you are... especially for old white men.

Glad Pastor is ok.


Mad Cabbie said...

Red, I think I agree with you, I am a big pussy! And Pastor is hurt you called him an old white man.

Xtreme English said...

Mad, This is off topic, but one of Peggy's old grade school pals asked this question on FaceBook:

"I have a question. If people get a positive test for marijuana and they work at a school, what should happen? Two are bus drivers, and u know marijuana is illegal!"

What's your opinion on smokin' dope and driving? I've never smoked mj except once maybe 25 years ago, and it was a BIG NOTHING. So I have no opinion on this. Is it dangerous for school bus (or taxi) drivers to smoke funny tobacco??

Hope Pastor Joe is doing very well, and that you are, too. Peggy's mom

Team Awesome said...

Mad Cabbie,

Maybe you or your readers can help out on this. America's Most Wanted ran a story on an unsolved murder in the District from 2009. Apparently, police need help identifying a cab driver / cab company of a cab driver who may be able to help out with the case.

The link with some of the footage of the cab is here. Pretty hazy, and not much to it, but hey, maybe you or your friends can help out...

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Limo in dc said...

I totally agree with you.

King of New York Hacks said...

Thats truth right there to eat healthy and stay in some form of shape besides round or our asses are in trouble..fellow cabby in belfast passed on while he was recuperating from a leg injury and was immobile for a bit..too young to go..another cabby from Canada is laid up too from a heart attack !! and I found all this out in the last hour !! Shit this is no coincidence ! get the Pastor back on track bro, be safe out there too, everything happens forr a reason bro, Peace.

Anonymous said...

Did'ja' hear? They gave Mr. Swain the hatchet on Tuesday night.

The lawyer is acting Chair. This ain't the best job for the Commission lawyer. Two have served as acting Chair. They abolished Crawford's job just before they appointed a regular Chair, so he had no job to which he could return. They reinstated it shortly after he left. Thompson served as acting Chair until Swain arrived. She got fired shortly afterward.

Anyhow, supposedly Mr. Sullivan is bucking for a return. There is another rumour that Mr. Crawford is interested, as well. I had thought that those two were on the same team.

FamousDC said...

Where did you go?

Anonymous said...

Please come back Mad ├žabbie.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through famouc dc and I spent hours going through your material, and you write some interesting stuff! You should continue posting and I second famous dc and I say please come back.


Anonymous said...


Get your shit together and start writing! I am going to swallow my pride and say "Please come back!"

Summer Intern.

Anonymous said...

Mad get your ass back blogging so i can leave my racist comments.

Blue Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Mad cabbie, this was the time you could have stepped to the plate and voice your opinion on what's going on lately at the dc taxicab commission. We need Mr Mad Cabbie you should return back to posting.

Diamond driver, PEACE!

Anonymous said...

Mad, like famousdc said, start ranting!

Anonymous said...

I heard mad cabby got killed...

Diamond888 said...

I hope the comment @ 10:34 is not true and you are alive and well, at least let us know that you are doing ok Mr Mad Cabbie. Yes I agree with famousDC that you should start blogging again, DC cab drivers needs your voice badly these days.

Anonymous said...

he got shot in pg county a month ago

Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie is not dead, he is very much alive, I worked with him at the shelter yesterday.

John said...

Are you sure it was the Pastor who got the heart attack?
Speak to me MC

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks to FamousDC for the effort to get my lazy ass to blog again. Ever since I moved back to DC I am having all kind of shit to do and by the time I get back to my crib I run out of gas. I was supposed to post 100 entries this year and according to my calculation I need to post about 15 a month or so to make it happen and I WILL GET IT DONE. I got all kind of shit to talk fact I have about 18 different notes from my encounters. Some clown said that I have been shot and that's not true, all the shot I had was few tequilas. I have a lot to say about the proposed taxi medallion bill in DC and about the taxicab commission and about councilman Harry "hustlman" Thomas Jr and Marion "crackhead" Barry.

I will see you soon guys!

wedding farts said...

Yes!! Welcome back!

Barclay Hurley said...

I was in my apartment to go out more and pimped a breakthrough when the pastor Joe and stop cold a little bit, because he is uncomfortable. At that moment, I saw him, I knew something was wrong, he looked weak, so pale, I would like to Maryiln Manson in front of my house.

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