Thursday, November 19, 2009


Is this thing working?

Sorry guys, I have been busy bribing the the Taxicab commissioner!!!

I hope you didn't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

He's alive!

june in florida said...

You almost got deleted, glad your back. Are you staying awhile?

brokemoto said...

Welcome back. Glad to learn that you are allright. Some people in Japan were using your blog for a message board.

You may have heard that the City Council removed the socialist fare cap as an amendment to the D.C. Budget Act. You may also have learned that the fees for renewing your face got jacked up as part of that same D.C. Budget Act. Dear Revered Leader kim il-Fenty sent back the Budget Act signed, as is, but with a memorandum that the City Council should see the attached memorandum from People's Legal Advokate Piotr Nikkolai. The pertinent part of the memorandum from the People's Legal Advokate was alleged legal problems with implementing the removal of the socialist fare cap and the jacking up of the fees.

Be that as it may, the fees went up and the fare cap is still on. It seems that there were no real legal problems with stealing money from us, but as usual with the Progressive Authoritarian People's Demokratik Party, there are problems with giving us anything.

The notice of the jacked up fees went up at the People's Taxikab Kommissariat 15 October. The cost of a hack face went up from $198, including the assessment, to $250, including the assessment, for two years.

As a stab at those hackers who sometimes drive a black car, you can no longer drive a limousine with just a taxicab face. You must now pay an additional one-hundred bananas a year for a limousine endorsement.

The new face cards also lack a bar code, which makes them easier to counterfeit. This is no doubt a concession to Solomon Bekele, so that he can more easily put his illegals on the street when he needs them. You may be aware that Mr. Bekele is a major contributor to Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty.

Of course, the People's Taxikab Kommissariat blamed the City Council, no doubt under orders from Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty.

Whoever invented the word 'kleptocracy' was being redundant.

You may also have noticed that King Jive is back dispatching at Diamond on Saturday night. I do not know if the assignment is permanent, but he worked the last three Saturdays. I do not know if he is there to-night. The guy who drove #249 supposedly has quit and they got some other guy whom I do not know working Monday through Thursday 1800-2400.

There has also been some sort of a shakeup at Dominion of Cabdrivers. I am not sure of its exact nature. They do have a website, now. Mills and Harman can probably tell you more about what is going on there than I can.

I am still dispatching at Schaeffer but still driving at Diamond.

Anyhow, welcome back.

J-Funk said...

I almost forgot the homeless!

brokemoto said...

..and if this rumour is true, Madmeister, you will not have any money to bribe Commissioners, Hack Inspectors, Test Station Employees or the Police.

There is a rumour on the street that every driver who wants to renew his hacking face will have to take a 'recertification course' that will cost four-hundred bananas. That means that it will now cost six hundred fifty bananas for a two year hacking face.

How are we supposed to pay these jacked up fees, added on expenses and all of our other bills in addition to the fines from HACKrassment by the Police and Hack Inspectors if we are granted the privelege, by Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty, of working for 1989 rates?

Whoever invented the word 'kleptocracy' was being redundant.

Mad Cabbie said...

June, glad to hear your voice. I thought about you when I was in Orlando this summer for a wedding.

Phil, I was away from hacking for a few months...all I know is Robby is dispatching my shift. I have a lot to say about the bribing, Solomon, Jim G, the former cab commissioner and so on....I don't see you on the street anymore! I hope you and your bride are doing well.

J-Funk, you are way too smart to forget about the homeless. BTW I am really happy for you J, when the time arrives I will somke a fat one here in the east coast!

brokemoto said...

Expect hack traps, now that Channel Five has done a story about cab drivers' passing people. Every time there is something on the television about cab drivers, they start the hack traps.

Why does Channel Five not do a story about Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty and how he has granted us the privelege of working for 1989 rates? What does Channel Five have to say about our jacked up fees and no substantial increase? What does Channel Five have to say about the gubbamint's doing nothing about unlicenced cab drivers even though it knows about them? What does Channel Five have to say about the song and the dance that the gubbamint gives you when you complain about the PG cab drivers' working in the City?

Azhar said...

I am currently working with my university on a documentary project on DC taxicab drivers . While researching i came across your blog and found it really interesting. It's given me a different perspective and I'd love your input. Please let me know if you're interested and I can provide you with more information. my email is

Anonymous said...

You are alive Mad!!

Thank God! I feared the worst and was saying my Rosaries for you every week.


Mad Cabbie said...

Azhar, I can't physically participate but I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

Moi, my Ethiopian princess! I am alive and well...I was at Dukem the other night and had the best "Alicha kik" and "Gomen" my fav Ethiopian dish!